What we do

IT services

– PC and network problems can strike at any time. We get your network back online, fix your stuck computer, retrieve (usually) your valuable data, get your email working again, and much more.

  •  A smoother running network
  •  Safeguarding of your data
  •  Extended PC life
  •  Prevention of time draining, bandwidth hogging applications (Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, etc.)
  •  Real time response
  •  Elimination of annoying spam, pop-ups, and spyware
  •  Auditing and reporting of your hardware and software

Structured Cabling

Data Cabling

Network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization – information to minimize expensive data network problems. Integrated Technology Solutions follows strict installation and testing guidelines.

Video Cabling

Video cabling can be closely associated with coaxial cable because most video applications require coax, but we also install twisted pair cable for certain video applications.

Twisted Pair Cabling

Unshielded twisted pair has been designed for use in voice applications and local area networks. Because of the relatively low cost, this cable is widely used and is available in several different performance categories.

Server Room Installation

Because the server room is the centralized brain of your structured cabling system, we take special care to design and install it according to the highest standards.

Video Surveillance

Remote Video Surveillance
with iPhone, iPad, Android!

Security at Your Fingertips

  • View your Cameras from Virtually Anywhere!
  • Protect Against Theft & Reduce Loss
  • Improve Employee Productivity & Safety
  • Capture Ultra Clear Images with HD Video

We offer a wide range of cameras from Standard Analog to Digital Analog to IP.

Onsite Support

It’s been proven time and time again: Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance ensures optimal uptime and user productivity. Without periodic or ongoing maintenance, a network becomes prone to failure, slowdowns, security lapses and disasters. Some of these issues may not be readily apparent or cannot be resolved via remote support.

Remote Support

The most efficient way to handle many IT problems, this is like a virtual IT help desk. New technology gives us the capability to perform routine maintenance and resolve software and user issues via a remote connection. In many cases we can assist you over the telephone.