Safety tips

1. Install Malwarebytes along with antivirus
2. Creative password’s (8 characters, # and uppercase) not too long.
3. Enable automatic updates (if you surf a lot).
4. Make sure your antivirus is set to do automatic updates.
5. Make sure your antivirus is set to automatically scan incoming/outgoing is memory resident.
6. Make sure you have a copy of the guru kit.
7. When searching the web, make pay close attention to the search results (especially the top 4 or 5), be careful when clicking on links that say ADS next to the result. This means that they paid to get there.
8. Be careful when downloading free programs, always choose CUSTOM INSTALLATION so you can opt out of any additional programs they might added.
9. Don’t trust Popup notifications even if they look legit. If you are using windows 8.1 or 10 or google chrome, the flash player is embedded so ignore. If you using windows 7 go directly to
10. Never leave your phone or your computer unattended in public places.

“the guru”